Privacy and Consent

Your Personal Information and Data

I will hold your personal information in accordance with all relevant laws and regulations. These include the Privacy Act, and the Health Practitioners Competency Assurance Act.

As your Osteopath and health professional I will collect your relevant personal details and case history information. This will include ACC claim details, any medical records you give me, and scans and test results I refer you for.

All of this information is completely confidential and will not be shared with anyone, including other health professionals, unless requested by you.

Please note: ACC claim information must be shared with ACC if requested by them.
Your digital information includes electronic correspondence (emails, messages), scans, and treatment notes. I use Cliniko, an online cloud-based practice management software package. All client data is stored encrypted in the cloud.


To carry out an osteopathic examination, I will need to touch you with my hands. The treatment is dynamic, based on moving parts of your body to unwind and undo the stress and strain in your tissues. It includes stretching, massage (both firm and gentle), passive holding of positions, articulating and adjusting (clicking) your joints, touching and pressing on your internal organs, and more. It may include touching and treatment to other parts of the body than those you have mentioned in your case history, and depending on the circumstances could potentially include intimate body parts. I will explain what is going to happen in any examination and treatment and you will be asked to give consent in an ongoing way throughout the consultation. You can also ask me to stop at any time.


You have the right to be accompanied during their treatment sessions. You are encouraged to bring a family member, friend or support person with you to your appointment. If you wish to be accompanied, but are not able to bring someone with you, a staff member can be provided as chaperone. In my Auckland clinic, I do not always have a staff member available, so please advise me in advance and we will schedule your appointment at a time when a staff member is available. If you require a chaperone and I cannot arrange one for you, I will not be able to treat you. If you would like more support or clarity around an issue for any reason you may contact my mentor Amanda Viedma-Dodd by email: or contact the professional body, Osteopaths New Zealand.