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Section 1 Osteopaths believe bodies are an interconnected system collectively impacting wellness and we are trained to identify and focus on providing  relief to current pain as well as understand and treat the underlying causes of pain, and I use a range of treatment styles to help this happen.

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Section 2 A Message From Chris

I am an ACC registered osteopath working in both Auckland and Dargaville.  I have been an osteopath for 20 years.  I find my work hugely rewarding as I help improve people’s health journey by seeking to treat the underlying the source of the problem.  I treat clients of all ages and stages in life.  Please make contact to discuss how I can help you.  

Osteopaths seek to understand the source of the problem and treat the underlying cause for long-term body wellness

About treatments

I offer same day treatments. I work in Auckland on a Monday, Thursday and Friday and in Dargaville on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Appointments take 30 minutes.   It is best to call me and I can book you in. 

If possible please bring documents related to your condition, such as x-rays, scans and your ACC claim number if you have an existing claim.  I can also request this on your behalf. 

Please wear loose fitting clothes however I can adapt as necessary by using blankets. 

As an ACC registered osteopath, I can assess your injury and give you an ACC number. This means you do not require a doctors referral and I can also work on existing ACC claims.


For an ACC adult and child consultation
ACC initial: 30 mins: $45
Standard: $80

Mother and baby: $100



Monday: 9:00 – 5:45pm

Friday: 8:45 – 5:45pm

1054 New North Road
Mt Albert

Phone: 021 02905770


Tuesday: 8:45am – 7:15pm
Wednesday: 8:45 – 5:45pm

4 Parore Street

Phone: 021 02905770


What clients are saying

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“After a concentrated treatment once a week for 6 weeks my neck and shoulders are nearly all better.  He has helped me correct my posture and given me some stretching techniques.”

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